Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Low Population Playdate

A week ago Saturday I played with poopies all day.  In a most rare turn of events, Rae let Mr. Smiley spend the day while she had an all day meeting. It was so much fun having him all to myself all morning.

 I had an appointment to get this wild mess on my head tamed some. Pappy met me there to lovey up the boy while I was getting some serious summer fuzzies whacked off. He was enthralled with the beauty shop.

 I went by moms so she could get a little squeeze.

 About five I exchanged my sweet boy for Bean and Bugg.  One day this summer I spent an afternoon with Ol' Mother Hubbard and the kidlets and I tried to see how many things we could make with biscuits.  We made pizza, monkey bread and garlic cheesy rolls.
Missy Bugg loves to cook, so I made monkey bread and garlic cheesy rolls with her and Bean as well.

 That week I received a fun package in the mail from a grandma I've met through blogging- KC
 Someone she knows wrote a book about a little red head and she sweetly thought of my little red head.
Bugg and I read it together.  The illustrations are so adorable.
We could certainly make a connection to this page, since my little girlies spend half their time in wedding garb and some of the boys too.

I let Bugg take the book before writing down the pertinent information. Sarah was in the book's title and was also the author's name.  Perhaps KC will jog my memory in a comment.
Thanks so much for thinking of us.

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  1. I am so glad she liked the book! The title is My Name is Sarah and it was written and illustrated my my friend Sarah Christian. As she was working on the book she would send me images that I cherish and they do remind me of your little Bugg! Glad she is enjoying it.