Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Break

 Ahh, a break in fall, in what looks to be the very loveliest weather of the year.
What is one to do on such a break.
Trap yard gnomes of course.  What a cute one! Don't think I need to try anymore.
Actually Giddy-up was having an early morning visit with the bunnies.  Then he needed to drive his vehicle through the garden, but alas, there was a pile of dirt.
This meant a need for his concrete mixer.  When we filled the bucket, he felt like the bunnies were in desperate need of a bucket of fresh garden dirt, so back to the bunny pen.

Wait, new friends arriving. It's my buddy, Baby Boy.

Let's see, what to do next?  Oh, dress up in your Sunday best to hunt salamanders and worms.
Mud puppies are just the best creatures ever!

Missy Bugg missed most of the day's festivities due to eye appointments.  She'll be sporting a pirate eye patch for  a weakling eye for the next few weeks.  Still, we made some lovely fall decorations with our indian corn.  This is one of my very favorite pictures of Miss Swee- Tee.  Love it.

 How else to end a fabulous fall day then with caramel apples, which must be chomped from the side due to loose tooths.



  1. That is absolutely the cutest garden gnome ever! That smile would melt anyone's heart! Looks like you had a much needed wonderful day!