Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ahhhhhhh, That Mac

I've been out of sorts since my computer gave it up and had to be hauled across hill and dell to the Mac doctor for repairs.  Dead, gone, kaput.   So, after Handy Man's truck, my car, the leaky, non-spinning washing machine, and neighbor's dogs hauling away my chickens,  the computer needed a new hard drive.  Not the news I wanted to hear, but better, for sure, than having to go back to square one.

Then, waiting from last Friday until mid-morning yesterday, to see if the hard drive back-up Ceece installed just a few months ago actually had trapped, within it's small black and silver walls, four years worth of cherub cutieness.
Ahhhhh, big sigh. Thank the Lord-all there, every last drop of cuteness.

What is queer to me is how much I missed blogging about those pictures.  I've been speculating as to the reason. For the most part,  there are three dear grandmas, known only to me through blog land, who comment on this space, in addition to  my sweet Daughter-in-law, and two friends who comment via e-mail. So it isn't because I have some notion that I'm entertaining the masses with my flair for writing, or that our escapades on this little scrap of land with gramerlings, chickens, bees and the like are so very scintillating and worthy of readership. I love conversation, but that isn't really happening.  I have nothing to sell, so that certainly isn't my purpose. Hmm, so what is it?

 No, I believe it let's me step off this tilt-a-whirl of life, spinning faster and faster, leaving me breathless and wondering how the arrival of that  first unexpected grandchild, amidst a daddy-soldier-boy far away, with a devastating, life-threatening illness, during my final semester of graduate school, that stole my heart and gave me a front row seat to seeing the world anew through his eyes, could possibly have happened nine years ago this month! How?  Bet your a bit breathless yourself after that sentence.

Here, in the this space, late at night, or in the wee hours of morning darkness, I can stop, get off and enjoy these blessings of mine one more time.
I love scrapbooking, and did that for a time and still do on a small scale.  Between a demanding job, ten wee folk with my name on them, chickens and bees and a puppy to train, plus, plus, plus, those scrapbooking projects often take more time and energy than I can muster.  Here, just a click and I go right back to a special day.  Likely, only special to me, but still it brings a tear, or a laugh and writes it more permanently on my heart and mind.  Flipping through,  reminds me of all my joys on days when a reminder might make the difference in a good day and lousy one.
So glad to be back.
Speaking of my joys, they're coming.
Do you ever have a longing to get a really awesome picture of multiple children? Do you ever having a longing to force a cat to take a pill?  About the same sort of experience.
Well, happy that no one has their back turned and unlike my last attempt two years ago, no screaming. Hurrah!  Do you see Brown-eyed Button with that tiniest arm flung out?  That is sign for, "All done, get me out of this chair!"

 Trying to get a good smile from the love of my life is about as easy as the whole cat thing as well.
 Alas, more cuteness. Where is that external hard drive?


  1. oh me, that group cousin picture is just more than I can stand. It is so reflective of each and every one. I can't wait to get mine and put it up on the mantel.

    I admit, i thought that was a mighty ambitious plan but it came out pretty well. I really love that pic of you and pappy.

  2. The pictures are wonderful and I am so glad your backup worked! Computer problems are the worst and the though of losing all those photos would have kept me up nights!

    Now if we just had a new picture of that cute puppy....