Sunday, March 24, 2013

Final Installment Playdate Part Three

It's hard to believe this Little Missy Buttons is about to be one.  Though she is a tiny girl, and her interests don't run to hunting eggs as yet, her wee face looks much older. 

 Those brown button eyes are so very soulful.  As I've mentioned before, she is our first brown eyed beauty.

It's also hard to believe my spring break is sprung. Back to work tomorrow.  Our new puppy came today and I believe he is three times bigger than when we first met.  I had so hoped the weather would be a bit better.  Cold, rain/snow/sleet here.
The family where he has been raised has all sorts of animals. Strider did not give the chickens a passing glance.  I hope we're a good match.

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  1. Those pictures are wonderful -- as you said such soulful brown eyes.

    Puppy pictures???????