Friday, December 28, 2012

He Did It

Yesterday was Rae and Michael's fourth anniversary and Giddy-up's first overnighter away from home with someone besides Mama and Papa.  He came over early yesterday afternoon. I asked Ceece if she would bring over his best friend to play for a bit.  He climbed up here to watch Johnny Tremain for a bit with Bean.  
Time for jammies.  Giddy-up was not interested. This pink bag, filled with shoes for all my princesses, weighs more than he does, but the wheels helped out.

He did a great job. He was a bit melancholy when he woke up and said, "Mama, Papa, wanna see it," when we came downstairs (umm at 5:30), but some snuggle time and he was off.  Climb the stairs, climb the bunk's ladder, down the steps, throw self around on Gramerly and Pap's bed, play with Legos, which he loves, taste some spicy candy canes, 

up the stairs, climb the ladder, down the stairs, fall off a teeny tiny chair.

 I love this about toddlers, this trying to sit on the littlest things.  See the itty-bitty chair he just fell off of? I whisked it out from under him for the picture.  The back popped off- imagine.
 Play on the bed, look out the window at the Bawk,Bawks, play with the  Pez Guys that are always in Gramerly's window, back up the stairs, sneak out the back door to feed the Bawk, Bawks,
 try on Gramerly's glasses, and do one last little dance with the favored musical toy of Christmas,
 and join everyone in applause for the fine dancing!
This is one very busy boy.

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  1. You should be one exhausted Gramerly, too! Great pictures and wonderful story.