Saturday, November 24, 2012


We both woke up around three thirty this morning because we were freezing. The power was out.  Since I knew we weren't having a storm or hurricane winds, I just snuggled up, confident it would be on shortly, which is the usual case in our area.  We stayed cocooned until the sun was well up, but still no power.  I dare say most folks would just jump in their clothes and head to the nearest pancake house, or whatever, but once you've had fresh chicken eggs, it's insulting to have those Walmart eggs Miss Bugg detests so.  So, what to do-
I felt all pioneerish and  it was dee-wish- is.
By about 9:30 though, my thoughts were wandering to my two  frigs, full of leftovers, when everything flickered and came to life.
 The Handy Man and I headed out on our favorite date. Please do not laugh.  I love Family Dollar and Dollar General Stores.  I love how all that stuff is in this wee store, where you can park right by the door and be in and out in a flash and a new one opened on the way to the Library- be still my heart. So our hot date consisted of dropping items at Salvation Army (check), dropping my favorite red coats at the dry cleaners ( I have like 7 red coats, but I digress) (check), the Family Dollar where important things like duct tape and peppermint sticks to go in Bugg's oranges were found, and lastly to the library, with a slight homeward bound detour through McD's for a diet coke. Then home for leftovers, an afternoon of reading and a nap.  A wonderful day of rest.
Congrats to Shari, Kc and Wonderful Eyes who will be recipients of Hallmark recordable cards.
Kc and Shari, e-mail me your address at
Can I just say, I love me some 4 day weekends.


  1. Wow! It's fun to win! Thank you! I want some of those fresh eggs, ham and bagels cooked on a wood stove. I'm afraid all we have are grocery store eggs. They tasted OK before, but now ... I remember my father said he was embarrassed because my grandmother would send him to school with great big sandwiches made of homemade biscuits cooked on a wood stove. He wanted store bought bread like the other kids. I wish I had me one of those biscuits she made. Your weekend day sounds ideal to me.

  2. Grampy and I want to come to your house for breakfast! (He saw the picture above!) I DO know what real eggs taste like but you just can't get them anywhere near us.

    Your day does sound wonderful but I do think you need to go back and tell us more about the 7 red coats!!! Seven?

    Thanks for the contest, too! I will email you.

  3. Silas LOVES the card! He has recorded countless messages (mostly just yelling "I love Christmas trees!!!"). Thanks again!