Friday, October 12, 2012

Conner Prairie

Enjoyed another trip to the Prairie (I believe it's my 9th or 10th time).  They are always adding neat stuff, so it's new every time.  I'd never been with Bean and Bugg, so their view was also new to me. I wanted to take them since their Daddy trained with the blacksmith here.
Now they have a recreation and simulation of an Indiana city, Dupont, where Morgan's Raid raided.  It was cool. Three of the buildings you walk in  looks like the raid is happening right out of the window.  Great special affects had Miss Bugg screaming and diving behind me.  The weather was like completely ideal.  Fall at it's very finest.
We began in the Lenape Village where Uncle Jimi instructed Bugg on the proper way to paddle her canoe.
Next we talked to a trapper making a leather bag about all the animals one could hunt or trap in Indiana.
We likely could have stayed half the day playing with the babies in Mr. Connor's barn.  

 Time for some candle dipping

A new addition to Prairie Town was the option of choosing a job.  If you fullfilled all the obligations in Prairie Town, you earned a special sticker.  Bugg chose the job of Gardener, which entailed watering, hoeing and figuring out which plant was which.

 She needed to try a little calendula salve for her dry hands after all her hard work.
 Bean loved the weapons in the town of Dupont.

Love this place.


  1. You can never spend too much time with baby animals! What a cool place! I wish we had something like that around here.

  2. I had never heard of Conner Prairie so of course I had to Google. Affiliated with the Smithsonian, so it has to be good!