Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summertime Activity

Killer Kraut made by my Handy Man
 I do so love my garden flowers. I love when I pull in the drive and see them in the garden and try to hold that picture in my mind as I drive past the Playdate Yard of Disaster.  I also love to give them away.  Today's bouquets will go to Mom and Aunt Lois.

Let me tell you, these chickens are entertaining.


  1. Your bouquets are beautiful and you probably need lots of them if you'r making sauerkraut! My backyard is blooming like crazy! I have dubbed it the Summer of the Lilies!

    1. Wow, a Summer of Lilies -that sounds divine

  2. So that is what that thing is! Flowers, eggs and sauerkraut! Happy 4th of July!