Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Bird Day

An old friend once told me about a sermon she heard. The pastor challenged the flock to work on acting their way into a feeling over the usual route of feeling your way into an action. That was a long time ago and I still think of it often.
If I felt my way into an action this Thanksgiving, there would be no action at all cause that's what I'm feeling.
I'm trying here to go the opposite route and act like it is Thanksgiving.
Surely it is more than that twenty pound turkey.
Though I'm sad, I am thankful.
I'm thankful my daughter and grandson came and kept me company all through the afternoon's chopping and baking. Little baby smooches are a great encouragement.
I'm thankful for a nephew who made a special trip out to visit, peel potatoes and lift the heavy stuff for me. What a terrific young man.
I'm thankful for a mama who makes my favorite cranberry relish and wants to sure it is just right.
I'm thankful for my husband and the few who understand that I'm not over it yet.
I'm thankful for the chickie girls and the delicious eggs used in various dishes.
Speaking of eggs, I'll leave with a funny note.
No matter what I fix for a meal, Bean and Bugg usually want an egg. It wouldn't surprise me if someone even orders an egg today, in spite of the turkey. Anyway last Thursday they were eating their eggs and Bugg says, " I like chicken eggs." "I don't like the eggs they give me at playplace." " They tell me they are chicken eggs, but I know they are Walmart eggs. " " I'm not eating Walmart eggs." "I only like chicken eggs."
Now I know Walmart can pull off a lot of stuff, but I didn't know they could lay eggs.
The rare hens are laying.


  1. What a wonderful story and they are right! I miss eating real eggs living in the city. They just aren't the same! Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully next year will bring you a little bit less pain.

  2. Those Walmart eggs are a scam! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  3. It will be a while before you're over it. I'm not over it yet, and it's pushing half a year. But it will get better.