Thursday, September 22, 2011

Prayer of Thankfulness

Good Morning Lord,
Today is my anniversary. Wow, thirty-two years. How could someone as young as me be married that long? Anyway, I'm feeling so grateful and blessed.
Handy Man and I both knew and understood commitments. When I got married, I believed I would be married a long time. Both sets of parents modeled that kind of commitment for us and for that I am grateful.
The surprise is how happy I am about it. Who knew you could still be so content in a love that began at sixteen? I had no idea that I would still find such joy in this place called marriage. It is a bit miraculous still to me after all these years. As you know, we are so opposite in so very many ways that it is laughable. But in lots more ways I'm grateful for the inverse nature of our ways.
Just recently I saw something made from a piece or two of wood that I loved. Now, I could not produce a respectable child's building block from a chunk of wood, much less something beautiful and functional. But Lord, you put such art in those hands of his. After my request, he disappeared into his workshop and returned first with a pattern, then with the product, beautiful and functional and just what I wanted. Amazing.
I loathe errand running. In my mind, all jobs must be lined up in an order that makes sense to me, and if you have to stop to do some little something else, I'm all snorty and dismayed. Not this guy, he'll go to the store for me three times. He much prefers to avoid snorty and dismayed. I love that.
Though I desire to do big physical jobs, I have always been lousy at it, as I have pitiful arm strength. The mulch, pots, hoses, kid's yard toys, boxes for showers, teas, celebrations that poor man has drug around is impressive. To me, he is Hercules.
I'm the cook usually, and any day he would choose my meals over his, but it doesn't keep him from trying to get a meal on the table when I'm still chained to my classroom desk at six o'clock. He's right, it isn't as tasty as mine, but you know what, when it's six o'clock and I've just gotten home for an eleven hour day, I think it's dee-wish-us.
Somehow, Handy Man doesn't feel the need for church that runs deep in my veins. Still, there he is every Sunday, right beside me. Does that make you smile too?
He wasn't much of a kid person either, whereas my life has been my children, their children and lots and lots of other children. Again, he if faithful with hugs and kisses and a snuggle with any little one who like his attention.
Soft drinks have never been on his list of good things to drink. Me, there is nothing much better than a fountain Diet Coke. How many times does one seem to appear out of nowhere. And, if it is really a no good, terrible very bad day, it is a Big Red ( the one much better)!
You've grown a sixth sense in him Lord and it's precious. He often knows when to close his book because I could use a snuggle, when we need to call out for pizza, when a bubble bath is in order, when one more errand needs done.
When my feelings are hurt, I love how he threatens to bust their chops! Probably you aren't so crazy about that, but I like it I'm afraid.
Lord, I could keep going ( what, you say you aren't surprised). So, I guess I want to close by saying the best part. The best part is, at then end of the day, a great one or a wearisome one, there is no place I would rather be than in his arms. What a great gift to fall asleep each night wrapped in such warm love.
I didn't deserve such a gift as Handy Man. I wish everyone had such a gift.
Thank you!

Happy Anniversary to my Handy Man I love you!


  1. Happy Anniversary to both of you! May there be lots more wonderful days (and cuddling nights!) in your future.

  2. Happy Anniversary. You are both blessed!

  3. Reading this post was such a great way to end my day. :) Happy Anniversary!

  4. Thanks KC and Shari.
    Claire, happy shower day. Whoa, I have back to back events this weekend. Enjoy all that girlie stuff.

  5. What a wonderful tribute to your husband. But then you must have done lots of good things to earn such devotion.