Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oak's Day

Woo,hoo, we actually got to be off for one of our scheduled snow days. I spent Oak's Day as close to Churchill Downs as I likely ever will. Rae-rae lives just a couple of blocks from the backside of the track. As Michael pointed out, you can see the grandstand from their front porch. So between the traffic, funny intoxicated walkers (saying some rather inappropriate things I could hear in the house), and the fancy hat people at the day long party in the business next door, I was close enough.
I spent my day doing my favorite thing- gramerling wearing. My little Gideon is a happy boy snugged right against my heart (umm, when he's not hungry, when he is hungry, my beating heart is of no interest to him and necessitates me locating a different chest- speedily). Isn't he a handsome boy?

It is a little early to tell, but those eyebrows and hair on top are looking very auburn.
Raechel continues to regain her strength. I don't think she's feeling like running a marathon anytime soon, but day by day is improving.
Can I just say how sweet it is to me that she'll join the ranks in tomorrow's Mother's Day celebration?
For all the chicken farmers, or chicken farmer wannabes, watch for all the chickie news that is news in the next couple of days. Remember the gamble I took in ordering rare eggs through the mail? Well, I'll be telling you all about it soon.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you and your daughter. The baby is adorable!

  2. Beautiful baby! And I'll be tuning in for the big chickie news!