Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Absence of "NO!"

A sun kissed autumn afternoon drew us into its warmth from the frosty chill of Friday morning. Fall break, and a much needed one, was upon me. I took the opportunity to spend some time in Bean's first grade classroom, then I broke him out and ran. First, an appointment, then swiftly to swoop Missy Bugg and him off into the sunshine for a day of, "Whatcha' wanta' do?"
The answer was lunch at Old McDonald's and a day at the Falls of the Ohio-ah, bliss.

Not quite over the river, but definitely, "through the woods," to the Falls we go. Bugg exclaimed, "Oh, it's a bridge. I love bridges."

I place the blame on being near the caboose of seven in the family line-up, but I have a tendency to always think, "The more the merrier!" This thinking has many roots.

1. I have little time for such adventures and I don't want anyone left out.
2. If I don't make plans for folks I want, or want the littles to spend time with, they don't often get made by anyone else-just sayin'.
3. Since my full time job is wee folk, I like some adult company sometimes.
4. I like having lots of folk who be linked to me by blood or heart or both, to be around.

Not this Blue Sky Smiling at me Day, just Bean and Bugg and me!
I realized something today I had not thought long on before now. With just two, so close in age and ability, it was a total, "Yes you can," kind a day. A true Gramerly's heart day. Nary a, "Hurry," "Come on," "Not now," or "No!" We'd left that thinking miles behind, locked up tightly in a classroom cupboard. There wasn't an older one to get bored, or a younger one to need a nap, go slower, or unable to move quick enough.

Yes, you can use that stick as a weapon and swing it all you want.
Certainly, you can pick seed pods and blow them in the wind.
I will be happy to snap that cutest picture of your choosing.
Sure you can climb on that rock.
You are right. Under your shirt is a fine place to hide your treasures, especially hedge apples.
Seriously, this is a great place for arm pit farting.
Definitely, throw every rock that looks tempting.
Are there really trolls? What do you think? Looks like a troll nose to me.

True, that would make an awesome fairy house.
We can go in the museum.
I think the playroom is a fine idea.
Agreed, an ice cream would be the perfect way to end the afternoon.

I need a special place to put this memory. I feel the need, before the craziness of the holidays rolls over me, to fold this deep into my mind, all those wonderful adventures to say, "Yes," to and the warmth and the smiles. When it's cold and hectic and I'm feeling cramped, I'll flip through to my YES file and feel the love. It will be so fine!


  1. What a lovely, lyrical, whimsical post about what sounds like a perfect day! Your grandchildren are very fortunate to have a Gramerly.

  2. It was a wonderful day. Thank you.