Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Candy

I was faithful to the unpleasant task of cleaning, and spent all of Sunday trying to work off my fanny. I was unsuccessful at fanny offing, but made some head way here at home. I was ready to throw in the towel when Bean and Bugg arrived about 5. They were delighted with their Pap's work on the new swing set, and we played on it in the rain until we were all chilled to the bone. Pap's out there again this evening, installing another dolphin swing. It looks like I run a daycare.

Monday was the big candy making day. I got up early, had all the supplies ready. The kiddos dove right in and to be so small, gave it a lot of their attention.Now I know princess carriages are not really in keeping with the whole Easter theme, but this little missy is all ate up with everything princess and this ol' Gramerly is all ate up with making her smile- so a yellow and pink princess carriage it is.
Miss Linee didn't much care what she was painting, just wanted to paint.
Bean loves lambies, so his little lambs had green feet (spring grass stains you know).

Antebellie wanted lots of chocolate in whatever mold she was painting.
I felt the need to indulge O'Henry's love of tractors.
What to do when everyone is all done? Lick the paint brushes clean, then toss them.
Even pink pegasus' and fairy princesses eat paint.

How do we entertain Baby Boy, who is a bit young for painting? With baby toys and lots of adults to coo at his endless sweetness. He is so content to just sit and watch.
Well, you have to kiss those chubby cheeks sometimes.
And though he's the current caboose of this little Gramerly train, we tell him what a precious wonder he is, cuz he is.
What do you say about such a day. Lots of things would fit- tired, yep-messy, yep-mostly you just say- SWEET.

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